ugh! personal transformation!

Blending personal and social transformation gives me the creeps.

I’d rather not admit my privilege – the social advantage granted to those born into the dominant white male  class – does not offer me one-upmanship in Occupy (insert city here) General Assemblies.  I prefer to believe my ideas and arguments are best, especially when clearly they are not.

Activists of color have pointedly observed my frequent agreement with other activists who also share white male privilege. I really don’t like this, but afterwards I often agree. Sorta. Mostly. Okay, as best I can, entirely.

Bit by bit I come to understand that social transformation first requires personal transformation. No more blind adherence to white male modes of thinking and social interaction! As my favorite graffito says: To fix the world, fix yourself.

And personal transformation can begin with confession. Ugh!


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